Contemporary Dance / Fort Worth 2014-2015 Season
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"Sky Descending: Dancing
Between Two Buildings"
Kimbell Art Museum
October 10 - 12, 2014  
Phil Kline's Unsilent Night:
A Community Music &
Dance Opportunity
December 20, 2014  
12th annual Modern Dance
Festival at The Modern

July 10-24, 2015  
Sky Descending: Dancing Between Two Buildings
Friday October 10, 6:30pm
Saturday & Sunday October 11-12, 3pm
Kimbell Art Museum

CD/FW will perform a site-specific work utilizing the lawn, porches, and steps across the Kimbell Art Museum campus in a unique celebration of its architecture and natural surroundings. Just as the Kahn Building and Piano Pavilion are placed "close enough for a conversation," the choreography will explore the idea of dialogue as a thematic thread. Each program is free, and open to the public.

Unsilent Night
Phil Kline in Washington Square Park, 2013. Photo by Tom Jarmusch.
Unsilent Night
Phil Kline's Unsilent Night in New York 2011. Photo by Taylor Davidson.
Unsilent Night
Phil Kline'sUnsilent Night in New York 2013. Photo by Taylor Davidson.
Phil Kline's Unsilent Night – A Community "Caroling" and Dance Opportunity for Audience Participation
Saturday December 20, 7:30pm
Magnolia Green Park, 1201 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth, TX 76104
(Free parking garage at 1201 Alston)

Participants will start gathering on Magnolia Green at 7pm, with official event launching at 7:30pm to travel up and down Magnolia Avenue.

Join Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth dancers in an interactive community celebration of the Winter Solstice featuring the extraordinary music of composer Phil Kline and his composition Unsilent Night which first premiered in New York City in 1992. Audience members "carol" together for 45-minutes by playing music tracks from portable music players as they walk. Whether you bring an old boom box (the technology the piece was originally designed for), carry an MP3 player with a portable speaker, or project it directly from your smart phone, you decide how to be a member of the orchestra as you help to create a unique mobile sound sculpture.

Phil Kline's Unsilent Night is a non-denominational, intergenerational, fully accessible community art-making opportunity in the spirit of the many worldwide traditions celebrating the Winter Solstice or a Festival of Lights.

How to participate as a musician: Go to to download one of 4 tracks – you choose which track you want to play, and you choose what type of player you want to bring!

How to participate as a dancer: Wear your most reliable tennis shoes or dance sneakers for safety's sake, and either improvise as you go, or join in with some "follow the leader" activities led by other dancers.

Multi-generational participation is encouraged! Families can participate as a group – you could bring one player and take turns carrying the music while other family members dance or upload photos to social media adding in #unsilentnight to share with participants in cities around the world who are creating their own community celebrations. A "Festival of Lights" theme is suggested for your attire: add some bling to your fashion statement – things which sparkle, glitter, and glow will be a perfect touch – small strings of battery pack lights are a great option, too.

Fort Worth is one of over 33 official cities (and counting) throughout the United States and abroad, from New York to San Francisco, Brussels to Buffalo.
More About Unsilent Night

More About Composer Phil Kline
Special thanks to: Red Oak Realty and Fort Worth South, Inc.
photo by Milton Adams
12th Annual Modern Dance Festival at The Modern
July 10-24, 2015 at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (3200 Darnell St., Fort Worth, TX 76107)
Admission FREE for all festival events.
For directions to The Modern and other visitor information, please visit their website at

Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth will celebrate the CD/FW company's 25th anniversary season with the special project "Dance Unplugged" as part of the Modern Dance Festival at The Modern. "Dance Unplugged" will feature a wide array of guest companies and artists performing works celebrating movement as a primary and profound form of communication. These informal performances will take place in the Grand Lobby, and participating artists have agreed not to use pre-recorded music or amplification and to refrain from using technology (e.g. video, computers). Live acoustic accompaniment will complement some dances. Each performance day there will be opportunities for audience participation interspersed at various points in the lineup. The last 20-30 minutes of each "Dance Unplugged" performance day will be a "dance jam" structured improvisation. The festival will also feature films from the Dance On Camera festival (Dance Films Association of NYC), lectures, and performances, culminating with the formal performances of the CD/FW Dance Exchange: A Choreographers Showcase on July 23-24 in the Grand Lobby.

Dance Unplugged (Grand Lobby)

Friday July 106pm to 7:45pm      Saturday July 111pm to 4pm     Sunday July 121pm to 4pm    Friday July 176pm to 7:45pm
Saturday July 181pm to 4pm    Sunday July 19,1pm to 4pm


Participating companies/artists include:

Abby Bradetich (Denton)   |    Big Rig Dance Collective (Denton)   |    Collective Force Dance Company (Fort Worth)   |  Tasha Courchesne (Denton)   |    Dancing Outside The Box (FW) - collaboration between Gracey Tune, Bruce Williams and Lori Sundeen Soderbergh   |    DIMOB (Dancing In My Own Backyard - Fort Worth)   |    FurtherDance FW   |   Brandon Gonzalez - Somatic Art - Brandon Gonzalez (Davis, CA) with guest collaborator   |   Christie Nelson (Dallas)   |   John Hopkins (Fort Worth)   |   imPULSE dance project (Lewisville)   |   M2 (Monroe, LA)   |   Amy Myers with Jennifer Sherburn (Austin)   |   Momentum Dance Company (Irving)   |   Amy Diane Morrow and Rachel Meador (Austin)   |   Austin Patton (Fort Worth)   |   Mysti Jace Pride (Round Rock)   |    Racoco Productions (NYC)   |    Amy L. Sleigh (Fort Worth) with Brittany Padilla (Denton)   |   Jessica Thomas (The Colony)   |   Sydney "Samadhi" Strahan and Tacey Rosolowski of Ecstatic Dance Evolution Houston (Houston)   |   Anna Womack (Fort Worth)   |   Lori Yuill (Sugar Land)
Dance On Camera: Dance Shorts - Program A (Museum Auditorium)
Saturday July 11, 1:15pm
  Catch the local premieres of short films from the 2015 Dance On Camera festival of New York City. This 35-minute program features four family-friendly films:
  Escualo (Martin & Facundo Lombard, USA, 2014; 4:09) A dance scene set to music by Astor Piazzolla and performed by the Lombard Twins.
  Det Skal Danses Vaek (Maia Elisabeth Sorensen, Denmark, 2014; 4:44) A high-school boy's infatuation with dance erupts into a full-scale "performance" in which his classmates become a chorus of movers who catch the fever.
  Ghost Line (Shona Masarin & Cori Olinghouse, USA, 2013, 15:14) An experimental film merging the rhythmic and comedic timings of silent film and vaudeville with the absurdist impulses of Dada and Surrealism in a kinetic spectacle of light and shadow.
  Vanishing Points (Marites Carino, Canada, 2014; 8:59) Like two molecules unknowingly affecting each other in space and briefly crossing paths, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal.
Dance On Camera: Dance Shorts - Program B (Museum Auditorium)
Saturday July 18, noon
  Catch the local premieres of short films from the 2015 Dance On Camera festival of New York City. This 45-minute program includes some content which would be the equivalent of a PG-13 rating:
  Well Contested Sites (Amie Dowling, USA, 2012; 13:27) Developed and shot on Alcatraz Island, this film explores the issue of mass incarceration and the complex experience faced by the incarcerated.
  A Juice Box Afternoon (Lily Baldwin, USA, 2014; 7:43) Through her writing, Anne Morrow Lindbergh comes of age, meets Charles Lindbergh, and experiences flight in more ways than one. The first in a new series entitled, "The Paperback Movie Project."
  Washed (Daphna Mero, Israel, 2012, 13:30) A female laundry worker desperately attempts to abort the fruit of a violent encounter. When the consequences of her action are revealed, her repressed memories emerge.
  Stella & Tom (John Resner, USA, 2014; 7:25) Featuring Stella Abrera and Tom Forster (two of American Ballet Theatre's finest dancers) in a specially choreographed dance for film.
CD/FW Dance Exchange: A Choreographers Showcase (Grand Lobby)
Thursday July 23 & Friday July 24, 8pm
  With the beautiful background of the sun setting on the rippling waters of the museumís pond, a diverse showcase of works will be presented in the more formal concert of the festival.

Claret Tango


Claret Tango by Beckles Dancing Company (Dallas) - Choreographed by Loris Anthony Beckles for company members Lela Bell Wesley and Tina Mullone, this beautiful duet reflects the acquired intimacy and supportiveness of a long time together. The duet premiered in April 2015 at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Beckles Dancing Company.


Wind On Mountain


Wind On Mountain by Sue Collins and Dancers (Denton) - Wind On Mountain is an explosive trio based on the stormy images of summertime in the Colorado mountains, where rain storms blow in and die down quickly. Its hauntingly beautiful music "Vignette No. 4, Vivace Con Brio" was composed by Professor Claudia Howard Queen, a full-time faculty member at the University of North Texas, Department of Dance and Theatre. Costumed in sky and earth tones, it will be complemented by the background of The Modern’s reflecting pond.


Vernacular Architecture


Vernacular Architecture by Amy L. Sleigh (Fort Worth) - Choreographed by Amy L. Sleigh and Candace Turner, Vernacular Architecture explores the design similarities between body and buildings. Developed with landscapes and timing that reveals space in and out of the body, the dance incorporates the use of a GoPro video camera, which Sleigh wears while performing. At a later date, audience members will be able to see the video taken during the performance by going to CD/FW's Facebook page, where their participation as audience members will be revealed from unique perspectives in relation to the architecture of the dancer and the museum's Grand Lobby.


Inside Out by choreographer Sarah Newton (Dallas) in collaboration with composer John Hopkins (Fort Worth) – A new incarnation of a previously performed work, in this version John Hopkins will perform on a harpsichord, working in a dialogue with dancer Sarah Newton. The seeds for this work include the life cycle and how relationships and interrelationships change over time, whether it is a change in awareness or knowledge, or a change in how you relate to others and the larger world. Like Russian nesting dolls the layers of life can keep opening up new worlds of possibility.


In Convenience


In Convenience by M2 (Monroe, LA) - Premiere of new performance art work by choreographer/dancer Tina Mullone and composer/musician Mel Mobley – integrating movement and music performance, Mullone and Mobley return to premiere a new duet on the showcase. Local critics praised their collaboration in the 2014 showcase, and they have since founded a performance group entitled M2.




Heima by Jessica Thomas (The Colony) - Jessica Thomas will perform a new incarnation of her solo Heima. Thomas’ work is notable for its continued explorations of dance movement vocabulary beyond the revered traditions of formal dance training, while still incorporating those foundations as tools for expanded human expression.


New Wine in Old Bottles


New Wine in Old Bottles by Shelley Cushman (Denton) [Thursday only] – This solo is to set to original music by Phil Winsor with choreography by Shelley Cushman and costume design by Barbara Cox. Reyna Mondragon will perform. The dance will be filmed this fall as part of an on-going dance film project entitled "Cinematic Caricatures."


Under Her Skin


Under Her Skin by Danielle Georgiou and DGDG – the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group plays with the tenuous nature of female interaction in this large group work. DGDG's 2014 season was listed as one of the top highlights of dance in Dallas in 2014 by The Dallas Morning News, TheaterJones, and Art&Seek, and in both 2014 and 2015 DGDG was nominated as Best Dance Company by D Magazine in their annual Best of Big D series.


That Obscure Subject of Desire


That Obscure Subject of Desire (excerpts) by Randee Pauvfe (CA) performed by M2DT (Dallas) – M2DT recently surprised its audiences with the tantalizing choreography of California’s Randee Pauvfe in the evening-length work That Obscure Subject of Desire - exploring the paradoxical nature of love and desire with full lush and emotional dancing. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Pauvfe creates a landscape of evocative images and textures punctuated by moments of raw physicality. M2DT will perform selected highlights from this longer work.


A History of Modern Dance


A History of Modern Dance (abridged) by Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth – artistic director Kerry Kreiman along with members of the CD/FW company will bring a light-hearted birthday celebration to the dance card.


CD/FWís 2014-15 season in sponsored in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County and their Neighborhood Arts Program in collaboration with the City of Fort Worth. Special thanks to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
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